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Routes for Bikes

The Outfitters Group offers a few routes for pit bike and motorcycle rides.

Hour Tour

A route is 22 km long. The run goes through a desolated park zone, where motor noise and speed driving don’t bother pedestrians. The park zone is a hilly area, covered with sand and rocky grounds. The road includes mountings and downward slopes. The tour implies a 15 min break and is a perfect solution for motorsport beginners.

AED 1000

Two Hours Tour

A tour requires an advanced motor driving experience, comparing to an hour trip. A driver also should be physically able to stand hot weather and manage a vehicle for a longer period of time. The run goes through the same park area, as an hour tour, supplemented by a highway ride and an extreme stairs overcome.

AED 1500

Three Hours Tour

The tour is a very interesting adventure, which goes along a picturesque career area, combined with country-roads, dirty grounds and rocky surfaces. The way to the actual park goes through a few sidewalks, pavements, stairs and a railway. It is recommended to bring a camera with you to take pictures of a scenic fall.

AED 2000

Day Tour

A great tour for the whole day, which is eight hours long. It includes a mini-excursion through beautiful off-road places, including copses. A tour is broken into three parts and includes a half an hour break and a lunch break for an hour. In the end of the tour, participants can meet a sunset on the edge of a beautiful sand career. Advanced driving skills are required for the day tour participations, due to safety reasons.

AED 3000

Car Rental


You can also lease a car from Speedy Drive and tour with your friends and family as everyone loves long drives and adventurous road trips. So, it would be suitable for a small group of friends to hire a car from Speedy Drive and make good memories.


AED 1290

Routes for Bikes