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Pit Bikes Fleet

YCF Factory SpIIIYCF Factory SpIII

The pit bike belongs to the professional sport category. This beautiful exemplar is a limited addition model, which distinguishes with a capacious engine, light aluminum construction, high quality suspension and piston disk brakes. The vehicle allows to develop driver’s potential due to ergonomic materials usage and an expanded functional range. Bright captive design makes the vehicle shine at every speed racing event.



YCF Big-MiniYCF Big-Mini

A French motorbike, known among motorsport fans for an innovative steel frame, a sustainable wheel base, high steel wheel disks and an effective, oil-based cooling system. The vehicle is also equipped with an efficient fuel distribution system, sport footsteps and an electronic control panel. The vehicle can be comfortably used for country-road or copse runs.



YCF Supreme-MotionYCF Supreme-Motion

The vehicle was developed for professional speed racing and cross-country runs. Abundance of high-technology materials, a light framework, a brand sport suspension and a firm absorber make it a perfect motorsport tool. Confident off-road driving is provided by firm wheel frames and ribbed tire protectors.




KAYO PRO YX170 is a perfect solution for motorsport beginners. Expanded functionality and adjustability allow to use these vehicles as means of motorsport trainings of a basic level. Exceptional controllability, reliable exploitative aggregates and different application possibilities allow the pit bike to be irreplaceable for sport activities and everyday use.