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Varied Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai is centre tourismThe UAE has done something that is completely amazing. UAE is predominantly rough mountains and deserts. But their vision has transformed this mostly barren land into a country of sprawling metropolitans and Global Cities. One such Global City and the Pride of UAE is Dubai. Dubai is a center for international tourism with tourists pouring into Dubai from all over the world. And none of these tourists are disappointed as Dubai has so much to offer in terms of places to visit and enjoy oneself. There are a plethora of attractions that you can visit in Dubai ranging from the tallest Building in the world; The Burj Khalifa, then the Dubai Mall which is one of the biggest Shopping malls in the world with so many different brands and shopping outlets, multiplexes, restaurants etc. You also have various destinations that mesmerize tourists such as the manmade island of Plam Jumeirah, The Dubai Aquarium, The Burj Al-Arab which is the tallest Hotel in the world and is constructed on a manmade island, The Aquaventure Water park etc.

But apart from these destinations that are within the city, there are also other attractions that make Dubai a splendid place to visit. One of these attractions which is an absolutely splendid experience is the Desert Safari in Dubai. You can enjoy a Desert Safari in Dubai by booking any of the various Dubai desert safari packages which are available online. Desert Safari is a comprehensive experience which involves a wide variety of experiences such as driving through the sands and desert of Dubai, camping in the middle of the desert with amazing food and entertainment being served. Now, desert safaris are also of various types these days so that you can have a varied and exceptional experience. The different packages that you can find online include the following:

Evening desert safari

  • Evening Desert Safari: the evening desert safari is an unimaginable experience as you are able to take in the beauty of the desert as the sun fades away and the night slowly engulfs the desert into its arms. You start off your safari in an SUV and have a mesmerizing view and a great ride. This is followed by an evening of dance, music and good food. That will satisfy you to your heart’s content.
  • Desert Motor Bike Tour: If you are a lover of adventure sports and biking then there is great combination of both in Desert Motor Biking. You can take this tour with either a guide riding along with you or simply on the assigned track. Riding your bikes on the sands of the Dubai Desert will be an unforgettable experience.
  • Desert Camel Ride: Desert camel ride is one of the most obvious but also quite a fun activity to be indulging in the deserts of Dubai. As you cruise through the sand dunes and are guided by the tour guide about the history and mystery that these deserts have witnessed, you are mesmerized by the natural beauty and serenity of the place.

A few other types of safaris that are available in the Dubai deserts include Sunrise Desert Safari, Desert Quad Biking, Desert Horse Riding, Dune Buggy Riding etc.