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The different motorbikes for rent in Dubai

Motorbike Rentals in DubaiIf you’re a Dubai resident you already understand the unique geographical characteristics of Dubai, but if you’re a foreigner planning to visit the emirates of Dubai, let me enlighten you. Dubai is situated right inside the Arabian Desert and it shares its southern border with Abu Dhabi, the northeastern border with Sharjah and the southeastern border with Oman which explains its central location in Persian Gulf coast.

Now, if you’re planning to spend some quality time in Dubai, visiting Palm Jumeirah and Kite Beach might not be enough for you. You’d love to witness the real marvels of the Arabian Desert by driving for less than 20 minutes from Downtown. Here, you need Motorbike Rentals in Dubai.

Dubai desert is your chance to experience the craze of being high on adrenaline and motorbike rentals happily assist you with the vehicles you need.

Driving on two wheels in the boundless place like Dubai deserts can help you enjoy the wings you always wanted to have. If you’re someone who loves bikes but doesn’t want to take the responsibility of owning and maintaining one or if you’re someone who knows the ins and outs of bikes but you’re away from home, motorbike rentals can help you feel the rush.

Here are a few bike categories to help you relish the air in the desert.


Dirt bikes offer you a complete exposure to the crazy driving in the moist winds of Dubai desert and adrenaline rush you have been missing for quite some time now. You can easily rent a dirt bike in 790 AED for two hours and more if you can’t get enough of it.

Men and women alike can drive and experience the craziness of the Arabian dunes.

Quad Bikes

Quad bikes are considered safer in the desert than the dirt bikes but they are equally fun when you’re off-roading in Dubai deserts. Motorbike rentals can arrange a quad bike for your visit to dessert at different prices such as 790 AED per hour depending upon its services.


Endurobikes DubaiThis desert recreational vehicle with wide tires and more control can help you group hunt the energy out there. The rates at motorbike rentals let you drive their awesome buggy can vary from 790 AED to 1000+ AED.

The choice of vehicle depends upon the level of your experience with bikes. If you don’t have any prior knowledge, it would be convenient and safe for you to join the training sessions before. Motorbike rentals such as Enduro Bikes offer one-hour training sessions before they let you go off-road in the Arabian desserts which don’t only help you drive safely but also arms you with knowledge and means to avoid accidents and emergency situations out there.

So, gear up, equip yourself, leave Dubai marines for a while and enjoy the air in the desert with some dopamine touch.