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Riding on Dubai roads is relatively straight forward

Ferraris and other luxury cars like Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, and Bentleys are constantly seen on Dubai roads. The Ferrari car rent in Dubai is astonishingly cheaper than what you would imagine. Renting is far easier and more conducive because you won’t have to bother about depreciation, garaging, or maintenance. If you’re on a business trip or on a summer break and want to rent a Ferrari car in Dubai, there are certain things you have to consider first. We shall put you through on some traffic rules and other information you need to know before renting a Ferrari car.

Ferrari Car Rent in Dubai

Riding on Dubai roads is relatively straight forward

The roads in Dubai are well connected with simple traffic laws and regulations. This makes driving a Ferrari quite enjoyable and a great pleasure. The weather throughout is also favorable and sunny most times of the day. So you will love the atmosphere and environment when riding on major roads and on the streets in Dubai. When you are riding, you have to take note of your speed limits. In Dubai, most roads have speed limits of between 100 to 120kmph.

Renting an hour vs renting for 24 hours

Maybe you can rent a Ferrari for one hour in some parts of the world, but it’s highly unlikely to see this renting time frame in Dubai. Most car rental companies are only going to give out their Ferrari cars for rent only if you’re renting for 24 hours or more. But the basic standard is 24 hours, then after that further negotiations can be made.

Is insurance cost included?

Most car rent insurance companies in Dubai usually include the cost of insurance to the overall rent cost. This is a hidden charge and may not be made known to you. So you need to find out what charges are included in the total cost of the car rent.

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Are there any other hidden charge?

Apart from the initial cost of rent, there are some other hidden charges included in the cost. Car rental companies in Dubai usually check who is going to ride the car. If the driver has a high-risk accident ratio, the cost of rent will be higher. There are other factors that are considered before the final cost of rent is reached. You can find out from the company what is included in the cost before concluding negotiations.

Cost of renting a Ferrari in Dubai

Car rental companies differ when it comes to the cost of renting a car in Dubai. But if you’ve decided to rent a Ferrari, it’s important to have an idea what you are expected to pay. The cost of Ferrari car rent for a day of two is about AED 2000. It could be more or less, depending on the company and other charges included in the deal. Several business people and tourists from The UK and Saudi Arabia usually rent Ferraris for their movement on the road. The experience is quite pleasurable and you too will love every bit of your trip in this exquisite car.

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