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A Yacht Cruise in Dubai

A yacht cruise in Dubai is the best experience to have once in life. It is the best way to spend some time on the water with family or alone. If you are staying in Dubai or visiting for some days, the yacht cruise is the must.

Before booking a yacht cruise, there are few points to consider such as:

Yacht cruise Dubai

Why are you booking the cruise?

The purpose of booking a cruise has to be defined. If you are going with family or bunch of friends, the experience would be totally different. If there are more people, you need a large yacht cruise. If you are going with a family, a small yacht can be a perfect idea.

Amenities you want to have

If you are planning on fishing, then you must have a fishing professional gear with you on a cruise. Before booking a cruise decide on what facilities you want to have. For example, good and big cruise have big rooms, lounge, and fully furnished kitchen. The facilities depend upon your use, if you are booking the cruise for 1 or 2 hours then such luxury amenities is just a waste for you.

Professional catering

At last, whether you need a professional catering for your cruise trip. If you are planning for dinner or party, you need to have professional catering. You have to decide on the menu and inform the cruise staff at the time of booking.

There are different times of yacht cruise in Dubai and each has its own use. For example, if you are booking yacht cruise for fishing then you need light refreshment in the cruise along with the fishing gear.

Seven Yachts

There are various deals for yacht cruise and you can book whatever suits you and fall under your budget. The more luxurious cruise you want, the more money you have to spend. But this is the life experience and no one wants to miss out Dubai beauty at night.

The yacht cruise provides you fresh air, amazing view and relaxing time. If you are disturbed about something or feel stressful, such yacht cruises will take away all stress and makes you feel relaxed. Dubai Marina is the best place for yacht cruise which gives you the beautiful view of Burj Al Arab and Atlantis.

Yacht cruise is a wonderful idea to spend time in Dubai with your loved ones. If you are staying in the hotel just book the cruise and they will provide you pickup and drop-off at hotel.

During the yacht cruise, the first thing you encounter is all the wooden features around you. As you enter the cruise, the first thing you will be served is Arabic coffee.

After that, if you have booked dinner, you will be served with the continental buffet meal. You will be enjoying dinner with music in the background.

As you are having dinner, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Dubai city. You will be seeing the city lights, Dubai skyline, and the beautiful architecture. You will be amazed and relaxed with waves and fresh wind around you.